Ridgeway Computers offers complete range of hardware components


Ridgeway Computers deals in complete range of computer hardware products and accessories. We source all the hardware components directly from the manufacturer firms or the authorized distributors to ensure that you get only the genuine parts with full warranty certifications intact. The hardware components are available for all types of Windows PCs, laptops, Mac PCs, Macbooks and all types of netbooks, chromebooks, and tablets. Apart from the PCs, we also deal in the hardware components of the accessories like printers, cartridges, webcams, mouse, keyboards, modems and routers among others. All the leading brands’ components and hardware assemblies are available with Ridgeway Computers and the price is kept very competitive. We are able to ensure the lowest prices for our customers because of the direct linkages with the firms and distributors around the world. Thus you get the dual advantage of low cost and genuineness.


Different computer hardware products are available for replacements and upgrades. You can have the latest configurations of –

  • Graphics and gaming cards
  • Sound cards
  • Motherboards
  • The CPU or the microprocessor (Intel/AMD)
  • CPU fan
  • Power supply unit
  • Hard disk
  • Data cables, VGA cables and connectors
  • RAMs
  • CMOS battery
  • DVD R/W drives
  • External flash drives
  • PC casings
  • Laptop replacements like screen, keys, ports, card readers and battery

Ridgeway Computers offers installation and repair of these components also through trained technicians at its well-equipped labs. Our technicians make the diagnosis and find out the faulty hardware components that require replacement or repair. Separate warranties as offered by the manufacturer are maintained for the parts purchased through us and we also facilitate the adherence of claims in case any discrepancy develops within the warranty period.

In Canada, we are the trusted computer and laptop hardware components seller and ensure that customer satisfaction is retained along with all dimensions. Consistent quality and authentic supply of the hardware components has led us to continue as the market expert.