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The most common question when it comes to data recovery is regarding the charges. We have provided a brief information on how the cost varies on the condition of the disk. It is similar to a patient arriving a hospital with health related issues, the doctor can provide treatment according to the patient’s condition. The data recovery charges always depends on following three factors:

  1. Kind of media: Laptop and desktop hard drives (HDD) / Solid state drives (SSD) / Hybrid solid state hard drives (SSHD) / RAID array in Server / Flash drives / Camera HDD.
  2. Kind of damages on media: Either basic Logical issues, PCB damages, Firmware, CRC Errors, Media or Physical damages, Water or Fire damages.
  3. Technology / Recovery process: Either drive require very basic recovery methods like logical, or hardware damages which need Firmware exchange and repair, PCB or expensive equipment’s to handle the drive, Or the drive needs media level recovery by replacing donor drives of same make and model and versions with our Clean room Lab recovery process.


HDD, SSD and SSHD Recover: Estimated data recovery for Laptop / Desktop / Portable Hard drives (HDD), Solid state drives (SATA SSD), Solid State Hybrid Hard Drives (SSHD), Camera Hard drives.

Media Type: Hard Disk HDD / SATA SSD / SSHD (PATA, ATA, SATA, 1.8″, 2.5″, 3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0 or external portable hard drives)

Encrypted Drive Recovery

Hard Drive HDD and Solid State Drives SSD, SSHD data recovery services charges, Encryption like Bit-locker, PGP, Symantec endpoint encryption, True crypt, MacAfee encryption, Check point, Filevalut of Macintosh drives, Safeguard, EFS, Sofos encryption and other password protected drives.


Media Type: Hard Disk HDD / SSD / SSHD (PATA, ATA, SATA, 1.8″, 2.5″, 3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0 or external portable hard drives)


Server and RAID Array Data Recovery

Server / RAID data recovery quote. Failure of drives or data loss in NAS, SAN, DAS, Drobo for mac storage, workstation, personal cloud storage.


Flash / SSD Data Recovery

Flash and SSD like Pen Drive, Memory Cards, SD Card, CF Card, Non-SATA like m-SATA, M2 SSD, Mac SSD drives.

Independent of OS installed in crashed media like Windows, Linux, Mac, UNIX, Novell and etc.

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