Laptop hardware repairs and replacements at Ridgeway Computers

 Ridgeway Computers offers a whole range of laptop hardware repair services including the replacements of all types. Our experts have complete knowledge of hardware configuration of different laptop computers and they provide hassle free and satisfactory repair solutions in the least of timelines. High-end testing and repair infrastructure at Ridgeway Computers workshop allow the technicians to find out the fault easily and make the corrections. Same day repairs one of our service hallmarks apart from cost effectiveness. This makes us the trusted and preferred service provider in entire Canada.

Ridgeway offers to pick and drop services also apart from the on-site repairs. You can get your laptop repaired by giving us a call at (905) 607-0096 and our men would reach you in the least of timelines. If heavy repairing is warranted then the broken laptop is brought to our testing lab where the experts attend to the faults and make it ready for the delivery at your doorstep.

Our laptop repair and replacement services are comprehensive and we offer complete range of solutions. Whether you seek replacements like for the broken screen or the damaged keyboard or the exhausted battery or else, we offer the same in an authentic manner. Well trained technicians attempt the replacement tasks and you get your laptop back in working condition just like the new. All the components for replacements are directly sourced from the certified distributors of the brands and this makes our services very genuine. For the components replaced on your laptop, we offer a separate warranty service as mandated by the manufacturer in the warranty card. Thus every penny spent through us on the replacements is fully guarded by the authorized warranties offered by the brand.

We offer the following repairs and replacement services –

  • LCD and LED screen replacements
  • Keyboard replacement and broken keys repairing
  • Inverter replacement
  • DC jacks replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Component level motherboard repairs and replacements

 Non hardware issue like relating to virus, OS (Windows), drivers & utilities and application software are also attended at Ridgeway Workshop to get your laptop ready and running again.

The upgrades in laptops –

Ridgeway Computers also offers upgrades for various components in the laptop. You can have the RAM upgrades and Hard Disk upgrades at Ridgeway and make your machine more efficient and smart. All the upgrades are offered as genuine and compatible and there are no discrepancies. Our experts guide every seeker regarding the upgrade sought and the best choice thus could be made.